Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Finance the Installation of Fire Sprinklers in the Residences for the Elderly?

Economic Analyses: How to Finance a Possible Mandatory Installation o...On February 17, 2015, Quebec‘s government made mandatory fire sprinklers in certified residences for the elderly and promise a financial help for this to happen. Fire sprinklers must be installed within
five years.

Since the goal of the Liberal government is to control expenses and balance budget in 2016, what is the best way to help these residences acquire fire sprinklers? I pointed out three issues for reflection in my February 3, 2014’s post.   

  • The setting of a loan program from financial institutions guaranteed by the government of Quebec,
  • A tax return on the interests paid on these loans,
  • reduction by insurance companies of the premiums paid by these residences.